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"Hello!  My name is Steven Ijams, I've been designing websites since 1998 for many small businesses both locally and internationally and I've enjoyed every minute of it.  One of the greatest compliments I receive is repeat business.  Unlike larger firms, I feel that taking only 2 or 3 projects at a time allows me to really understand the needs of the client and work with them to make their visions a reality..  I never wanted to be some huge corporation that ends up losing sight of the individual client or their needs, in order to make more and more money.  The personal touches and attention to details is what many of our clients have really come to love and appreciate.  I prefer to keep it this way.

This website, (www.ijamsdesigns.com) is not only for showcasing some of my work, but to visually represent who I am.  In some ways, it shows my personality, my lifestyle and some of the things I value and appreciate.  I feel that too many website design companies have a cold impersonal feel to them.  I often see images of attractive young people smiling and acting like customer support.  Or there are pictures of models and celebrities or just stock images of servers or computers.  This is my website to share with you. I want it to be personal. I want to display some of the things that I enjoy and use images and imagery that I shot myself instead of buying images from some stock photography website.  The personal touch to my business is my focal point so that you, the visiter, knows that I take pride in what I do and that the clients needs are at the top of my priority list." - Steven Ijams

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Klutter Buster

At Klutter Buster, we specialize in creating functional, organized living spaces by eliminating clutter. We pride ourselves on returning chaos to order. We eliminate the excess and establish systems to help life flow successfully.

Gaia Development

Gaia provides innovative solutions to developing cost effective, efficient, and high performing sustainable buildings


Missionwell is your full service, virtual
accounting, finance & administrative office solution.  (Flash features)

Solutions M2

We provide people solutions.  What does this mean? It means that we partner with our clients to offer a variety of solutions to their challenges.


Some client love

  • RonAnn Meyers

    Owner of makeup By RonAnn

    Steven helped put me in to the 21st century. I was confused about building a website but Steven made the experience a breeze. His creativity and professionalism is top notch. My business has doubled. I highly recommend his services to friends and colleagues.

    RonAnn Myers

  • Sarah Makhija

    Owner of 310Tutor.com

    Steven created a website for my small business within 2 weeks.  He is extremely creative and worked within my time crunch. I gave him very little to go with and he just took over, creating a website and business cards that I absolutely love.

  • Shaun Sexton

    Owner of Sexton Homes

    Ijams Designs turned my amateur website into a professional branded site that is user friendly. Thank you Steven for creating an impressive and unique web site!

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